Veggies For All 2013: numbers and pictures

2013 was HUGE for Veggies For All.

We could go on and on, but we are so anxious to get on with 2014, that we are reporting out on 2013 report in numbers and pictures:

21,190 pounds of vegetables…More than any year in our  history!

1,500 people fed (about 800 in our local community and 700 in the wider region, through the VRFP)

412 volunteer hours

9 Unity College classes engaged in service and research with us this year

3 AMAZING volunteers who logged dozens of hours each as individuals  (You know who you are!)

2 events at which our students led worksongs while they helped out

1 great idea, that is still fresh after 7 years, and continues to fuel our collaboration: Our neighbors deserve access to healthy, wholesome food that was grown in their community.

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seeking harvest helpers @ VFA

IMG_6919Want to get your hands dirty with Veggies For All?  Well… mark your calendar, roll up your sleeves, and dig in!

Join us for any of the following service opportunities- and feel free to contact us for more details, to RSVP, or to arrange for travel.

September 26 – BIG POTATO DIG day @ our School Street field

Three opportunities to pitch in on Thursday:

  • 11:00AM-1:00PM lunch power hour
  • 2:30PM-3:30PM afternoon spud block I: warm-up for WORKSONGS
  • 3:30PM-4:45PM afternoon spud block II: diggin’ & singin’ with WORKSONG class*

September 30 – SQUASH HARVEST @ the field near Maintenance

  • 12:30-2:20PM with Organic Horticulture class*

October 5 – CARROT DIG @ our “white house” field

  • 12:30-4:00PM with Unity Barn Raisers Day of Service
  • register with UBR

October 21 // GARLIC PLANTING @ the field near Maintenance

  • 12:30-2:20PM with Organic Horticulture class*

November 7 – THRESH THEM BEANS! location TBA

  • 3:30-4:45PM with WORKSONG class*

Ongoing – CABBAGE HARVEST @ our Albion Road field

  • connect with us to make a date!

* Events that are affiliated with certain classes are ALSO open to the public.  The Worksongs class will be teaching the volunteer crew some tunes to try out while we get to work.

Please contact the Sustainability Office for more info: x286.


Welcome, Sarah!

“I look at the world and ask,  ‘What needs to happen?’  Then I see how my passion can fit those needs.”

Who said that?  How do we get them working with our team?

Sarah B 1Sarah Bicknell, a current Sustainable Agriculture student at Unity, has joined the Sustainability Office as Food and Farm Projects Technician for the summer months.  We’re thrilled to pieces!

This student position, which was made possible with the generous support of the Sewall Foundation, is designed to further the hunger relief mission of Veggies For All by providing support in the veggie fields and creating more connectivity between the College and community food work.  Sarah will also manage some summer greenhouse projects and assist in other food security collaborations we maintain with local partners, such as the Volunteer Regional Food Pantry and Unity Barn Raisers, the administrative home of VFA.

Sarah is a continuous source of positivity and initiative on the worksite.  If you’re lucky enough to work with her- you will find yourself laughing a lot and working hard.   She is also an independent and dedicated team member who is not afraid to dig into tasks.  Her passion for this work is crystal clear!

Her experience includes an AmeriCorps Apprenticeship at The Youth Garden Project in Moab, Utah, an internship with Maine Farmland Trust’s Farm Viability office here in Unity, and volunteer-student greenhouse manager during the last semester.

She works on gardens and other projects at her off-the-grid homestead in Freedom when she’s not doing good work out in the community.

We have a feeling this is going to be a great year…

Welcome, Sarah!

Community Meal and Onion Planting Saturday

The monthly Community Meal to support Veggies for All takes place this Saturday at 5.  Join us at the Community Center on School Street for burgers, beans, fiddle heads , lawn games, and more.

And  help VFA plant onions in the library field at 3pm Saturday. No experience necessary.

Sara Trunzo, Colleague on a Mission

Sara receives her award from President Stephen Mulkey and HR's Mary-Cay Pitre.

At today’s all-employee meeting and State of the College address (more on that later!), Sara Trunzo was recognized with a “Colleague on a Mission” award.  Sponsored by Human Resources, Colleagues on a Mission are nominated by their peers for going above and beyond the call of duty.  And few people manifest the mission of the College in their work quite like Sara Trunzo.  Congratulations, friend!  Well deserved. From her award citation today:

Sara knows better than anyone that successful programs are about successful relationships.  In her own modest way, she has been the bridge between Unity College and a great many external organizations focused on food security, food justice, and sustainable agriculture.  She’s worked her tail off to firmly establish campus and community gardens, and has been the primary administrative support to the hunger relief ag. project Veggies For All — now based at Unity College.  You can’t do food work in Waldo County without eventually teaming up with Sara Trunzo.  We’re lucky she’s made Unity her home and made us her colleagues.

A mid-summer’s virtual tour of VFA

For those of you who can’t tour around Unity with VFA, I suggest you take this virtual tour of our fields to see how we’re progressing.  2011 is gonna be big.  How big?  We’ve got:

  • over 2000 row feet of onions
  • 2000 row feet of potatoes
  • over 1400 row feet of winter squash and pumpkins
  • 1800 row feet of early cabbage and 2500 row feet of late cabbage
  • and roughly 1800 row feet of carrots

….and miscellaneous crops at our Albion Road garden (including beans, tomatoes, corn, and rutabaga).

If you’re not excited yet, you’re not eating enough vegetables, ’cause this is going to mean tons and tons of fresh food for folks in our community!

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Summer in Unity

Our favorite color is definitely green.

Tim, of VFA, marking rows for wintersquash on our new tractor.


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