XL Dissent

This past weekend Unity College students rallied alongside the approximate 1,200 students who traveled from 100 colleges and universities throughout the nation to attend XL Dissent.

XL Dissent*not sponsored by Unity College*


Drop Everything and Rally!

A last minute opportunity for Unity College students! This weekend, March 1st and 2nd, join students from across the nation in a march from Georgetown University to the White House. Demand the attention of Obama and make it known that the youth of America does not want to see him approve the Keystone XL Pipeline. XL Dissent is completely student organized. 

There is also a non-violent direct action training Saturday 5-9PM that we will attend.

20140205233439-mm_copy (1)There are limited seats so please show your interest quickly! If there are more students interested than seats available students will be put on the waiting list.

This trip will last the entirety of the weekend: early morning Saturday-early morning Monday.
More details to come.

Visit: XLDissent.org

To attend this event e-mail: mtheberge11@unity.edu

Lambs on the Horizon

Rocky, our ram and the sire of the lambs due this spring.

Rocky, our ram and the sire of the lambs due this spring.

Last Friday, the barn had a visit from Dr. Hale of Hometown Veterinary Care in Fairfield. Our goal for the day was to ultrasound the Katahdin Ewes to determine whether or not they had been impregnated by Rocky the ram. The ladies were very patient while Dr. Hale poked and prodded with the ultrasound probe. It was pretty amazing to see the life growing inside of Blueberry, Snow, and Moxie! We saw lovely little heartbeats, squirming limbs, and xylaphone-esque rib cages on the fuzzy, black and white screen. These lambs are due on the ground in about two months so stay tuned!

Shalefield Justice Spring Break

Hi Everyone!

This year you can travel to Pennsylvania for the Shalefield Justice Spring Break. We will develop our skills and knowledge so that we can join together in the ongoing conflict with the hydraulic fracturing industry.

This trip will offer:

  • Skill buildingSJSB PROMOTION
  • Workshops
  • Direct action
  • Hiking
  • Music and films
  • Speakers
  • Community service
  • Resistance education 

You will become part of an immense group of people that is constantly struggling to mend the destruction of land, water, and community that is occurring in many states. This is a chance for you to broaden your understanding about the threats of energy extraction and be a member on the front line.

SJSB will run March 15th-22nd (the first week of spring break). 

Please e-mail mtheberge11@unity.edu if you would like to participate so that we can gauge interest and accommodate you to be a part of this life changing experience! 

For more information visit: http://shalefieldjusticespringbreak.org/

Canada’s Tar Sands Exposed: Exploring the Human and Environmental Costs

Orono, Maine

Wells Conference Center

Saturday February 1st 2:00-5:00pm

Departure time: 12:45pm


  • Garth Lenz: International award winning photojournalist.
  • Eriel Deranger: Athabasca Chipewyan First Nations (ACFN) Communities Coordinator.
  • Sherri Mitchell: Executive Director of the Land Peace Foundation and Indigenous rights attorney. She will discuss the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership), an international trade agreement, and how it is able to threaten local land use ordinances.

Visit this event on the 350.org website: http://www.350maine.org/tar_sands_speakers_tour

Canada's Tar Sands Exposed: Speakers Tour

Please e-mail by Thursday January 30th if you would like to attend!

E-mail: mtheberge11@unity.edu

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Veggies For All 2013: numbers and pictures

2013 was HUGE for Veggies For All.

We could go on and on, but we are so anxious to get on with 2014, that we are reporting out on 2013 report in numbers and pictures:

21,190 pounds of vegetables…More than any year in our  history!

1,500 people fed (about 800 in our local community and 700 in the wider region, through the VRFP)

412 volunteer hours

9 Unity College classes engaged in service and research with us this year

3 AMAZING volunteers who logged dozens of hours each as individuals  (You know who you are!)

2 events at which our students led worksongs while they helped out

1 great idea, that is still fresh after 7 years, and continues to fuel our collaboration: Our neighbors deserve access to healthy, wholesome food that was grown in their community.

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New Year, growing goats, eggs!

The word from Barn Manager, Meg A.Delaware

After a long, cold winter break the barn is thawing out as students return for spring semester. Our baby San Clemente Island Goats have transitioned from the heated living area to the ‘big kid’ stall and are loving the extra space, kicking up their heels and butting heads from dawn until dusk.

Our chickens have come out of a state of near hibernation and have produced their first few pullet eggs (small eggs laid at the beginning of production.) We hope to incorporate these eggs into our dining services and hatch our own chicks come spring.

On December 28th we welcomed Sylvie’s second litter of Silver Fox rabbit kits into the world. Her 6 squirmy puffballs now have their eyes open and are exploring their new surroundings with mom.

Stay tuned for lambs, chicks and the promise of greener pastures!


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