De-mystifying Heat Pumps (save 50% on heating and cooling costs and get a $500 rebate from Efficiency Maine Office of Sustainability, Unity College December 15, 2014 What is a heat pump? Your refrigerator is a heat pump. It moves heat from inside the unit to the outside, thus cooling the interior (and warming the […]

There are great options when making choices for your future domestic hot water – and none of them include fossil fuels.  Even better, the cost of equipment for non-fossil fuel hot water almost always qualifies for rebates from Efficiency Maine.   If your hot water heater is in need of replacement, don’t fall for the recommendation […]

The US spends $400 billion to power buildings each year, about 50% of the total energy use in the country.  Reducing energy waste in these buildings would save billions, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, create jobs, and reduce reliance on fossil fuel imports, not to mention increase resiliency for the economy and individual businesses by insulating […]

In a press release this week, Amazon became the latest tech company to commit to 100% renewable power.  Apple, Facebook, Google, SalesForce, and Box have already stated that they intend to achieve a goal of procuring100 percent renewable energy.   Apple is the largest private owner of solar facilities in the US. Its the wave of the future for […]

Sustainable You(nity) by Gunnar Norback (Earth and Environmental Science major, Class of 2017) 10/29/14 In 2012, Unity College became the first institution of higher education in the nation with an investment portfolio completely divested from fossil fuels. America’s Environmental College led the charge for higher education to invest in the future of students, a future built […]