Municipal Climate Action Plan

Here is a project I worked on this summer as an Intern with Sustain Mid Maine. Forming a Green Team is a way to maintain accountability for climate action planning. A Green Team can also gather input from important players.

I’m a student member of the Sustainability Office at Unity College. This position allows me to be part of the climate action planning process here on campus, and represent the student voice.

 This piece on municipal climate action planning can be applied directly in many ways to the tangible steps outlined in Presidents Climate Commitment. For example establishing a LEED certified building policy for all future construction, as well as waste reduction strategies.



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About codyfl0yd

I'm a college student at Unity College in Maine, 21y/o, I'm perusing a bachelors in science; Sustainability Design & Technology. Currently I've been researching community wind projects, working with anemometers, and testing my head in environmental policy. I love live music, rockclimbing, bicycle riding, drawing, traveling, reading, and fishing from my kayak (RIP).