Unity College at Northern New England Bioneers

Mitch at Bioneers 09

Unity College was a force at this year’s Kindle event, which took place in Portland, ME on Oct. 16-17.  Kindle is a satellite site of the annual Bioneers Conference held in San Rafael, CA.  In addition to “beaming” video feed from the national conference, the folks at Kindle organize their own real-time event, including speakers of regional and international reputation.  The Kindle website sums up the event:

Kindle is, by design, an opportunity for many organizations to efficiently amass, to aggregate and celebrate their many important environmental and / or societal efforts.

Unity at Bioneers 09Unity College not only sponsored the event this year, but also added three presenters to the Saturday roster.  President Mitch Thomashow opened the day’s proceedings with his discussion of the Nine Elements of Sustainability. Later that afternoon, I led a group discussion on sustainability in higher education highlighting effort at a number of Maine colleges.  Sophomore Jamie Nemecek presented on her summer internship experience with Sustain Mid-Maine.  Students Becky Cunfer and Becky Heath (pictured right with Mitch and Jamie) also attended the conference.


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