Waste Audit Results

Unity College Recycling Crew

Recycling Crew

As part of the Unity Experience Sustainability Series (see the Calendar), the Sustainability Office here at Unity College performed a “Trash-on-the-Lawn” waste audit this morning outside of North and South Coop.  Roxanne Webber, Unity’s full-time recycling/waste tech., and others from the Recycling Crew, supported the outreach effort to raise awareness about recycling on campus. 

350 lbs. of trash (242 lbs.) and recycling (108 lbs.) were collected from all campus buildings this morning.  This amount had accumulated over one full day.  Overall campus recycling rate for this one-day period was approximately 31%.  Students weighed the recycling and trash.  Recycling Crew members then led others in a “spot check” of both waste streams.  Auditors found that roughly 38% (by weight) of the items thrown in three trash bags could have been recycled if properly disposed of.  Very few trash items were found in the recycling stream.  Last year, Unity College sent 61.69 tons of municipal solid waste to the landfill.


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