Campus Sustainability Fellow and RMI Partnership

Unity College was one of twelve schools selected last year to take part in the Rocky Mountain Institute’s Accelerating Campus Climate-Change Initiatives program.  RMI sought to identify a diverse set of institutions (from Yale University to Harford Community College) uniquely poised to take significant steps toward carbon reductions on campus.  A year ago, RMI sent a team of their experts to Unity’s campus to look around.  Then this past summer, Rob Constantine, Mick Womersley, and former sustainability coordinator, Aaron Witham visited the RMI team in Colorado to workshop some climate-change mitigation strategies for Unity’s campus.

From that meeting came a proposal of an entirely different sort.  Rather than seeking RMI assistance to make efficiency upgrades to a single building or project on campus, Unity proposed the hire of a Sustainability Fellow to assess emissions mitigation strategies for the campus as a whole.  The Fellow will identify and propose a suite of campus renovation projects that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, perform cost-benefit analysis of projects, and will identify and seek out potential funding sources.  The proposal was funded to the tune of $42,000.

We’re currently in the search process to fill this position, and expect to have someone on campus by the start of January.  We look forward to the Sustainability Fellow’s contribution to our Climate Action Plan, and student involvement in campus building efficiency.


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