WE Lead Shop Locally Challenge

The WE Lead-sponsored Shop Locally Challenge is a way to raise awareness on campus about the importance of shopping locally, and buying local produce. There are many benefits to shopping locally, including reducing climate change, giving back to the local economy, supporting small farms, knowing what you’re eating, and being healthy.

From Nov. 2 to Dec. 15, WE Lead is inviting students, faculty, and staff to shop at local farmers markets and shops in Unity, Thorndike, Albion, and Troy. Save your receipts from purchases and bring them to the WE Lead office (in the OAC). WE Lead will keep track of the amount each participant has purchased and a winner will be announced at the end of the semester. The winner will receive a gift basket of local foods and crafts.
Contact Nancy Zane at nzane@unity.edu with any questions.


One thought on “WE Lead Shop Locally Challenge

  1. From Nancy Zane on results of the challenge:

    Congratulations to Nikki Collins for doing her part to shop locally!!! She is the winner of our Shop Local Gift Basket.

    Handmade basket by Local artist Nancy Smith
    Small vase made by Unity Pond Pottery
    Locally made Goats Milk Soap
    Natural Laundry Detergent made in Maine and available at Crosstrax
    Homemade bread from Crosstrax Restaurant and Deli In Unity
    Hand knit hat
    4 pack of Maine Made Root Beer

    Thanks to all who participated….please continue to support your local community.

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