Cardboard/Compost Shed

shed 002

Waste/Recycling Technician Roxanne Webber shows off the new shed.

The large red Bolster’s dumpster that sat outside the cafeteria is now a thing of the past. We had been using the dumpster as storage for the large amount of recyclable cardboard coming out of the cafeteria, until it could be taken down to the recycling room in maintenance. In order to keep the dumpster on our property for this purpose, we were being charged $100 a month.

Well, the dumpster is now gone, and in it’s place maintenance has constructed a small shed. The shed cost $500 to make, and will now take on the role of storing the cafeteria’s cardboard before it is recycled, as well as storing the food waste compost before it is take to MOFGA.


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