Neighbor Warming Neighbor 2009

On November 7 and 14, Unity College students and faculty paired up with members of the community to help weatherize homes in the Unity area. This program is called Neighbors Warming Neighbors and is sponsored by the Unity Barn Raisers. The goal of this project is to help community members support themselves through the winter season, as well as reduce the carbon footprint of the town. Teams of four or five were sent out with weatherization kits specific to the houses they would be working on. On average, each team worked on two houses. The team left the homeowner with additional supplies if needed, suggestions on what else they could, and a blanket.

Over the two days, roughly two dozen homes were weatherized.

Unity Professor Doug Fox presenting at the NWN weatherization traning session

Unity student and community member weatherize door in Unity area home

Unity student and community member weatherize attic hatch in area home

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