Admissions Office Reduces Paper Use

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, non-recycled paper makes up the larger portion of our municipal waste stream than any other type of waste. Well the folks down at the Admissions Office are doing their part to bring down this number.

In addition to recycling all paper and cardboard in the office, they’ve taken several steps to reduce the amount of paper used in the first place.

• Academic major brochures have been reduced from a tri-fold to a single sheet
• Materials sent to prospective students were reduced in size
• Bulk mailings have been reduced
• E-brochures are being used more
• Did not print a promotional poster for high schools
• Eliminated the paper version of the school catalog

Through a series of sensible choices and the further utilization of the internet, Admissions has been able to reduce their total printed materials by 25%. Bravo to Dede Keach and the rest of the Admissions staff for making our campus a little more sustainable.


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