Water Panel

Unity Experience is a required course for first time Unity students to get settled, oriented, and involved within the community. This fall the classes focused their semester on learning about water: access to fresh water, pollution, privatization (bottled), public water systems (tap), etc. On November 18th a bottled water discussion took place at the Unity College Centre of Performing Arts with representatives from Poland Spring (owned by Nestle) and Summit Springs of Maine.

The night started with brief presentations from both representatives regarding their products and sustainable efforts. I was asked to have a participating role in the discussion because of my work with the office of sustainability, Clinton Global Initiative, and also having researched bottled water many times for class work. I presented the audience with two thoughts before leading student questions: water is a common pool resource that should not be bottled for profit in my opinion. Bottled water is a personal choice, but definitely an issue that consumers should become more aware about. Issues of concerns for me and my classmates included detrimental global and environmental impacts, health concerns of humans, cost compared to tap water, and consumer awareness. The night was concluded with open discussion between the audience and representatives.


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About Kayla

I am a third year student at Unity College studying Sustainable Design and Technology. I spend my work study hours in the office of sustainability contributing to sustainable efforts here on campus.