G O LogicI am currently studying Sustainable Design and Technology and actively looking for ways to bridge the gap between my academic studies to real world applications. An internship position through design and build company G•O Logic has been a perfect link.  It provides a close up look at how the next generations of high performance buildings are built, including understanding energy modeling and performance, construction methods and materials, and the building science behind the design.

G•O Logic designs and builds sustainable, super energy efficient buildings, which produce 90% less carbon dioxide than standard built homes. They are in the process of building a 1500 square foot prototype house on a 4-acre site in Belfast, Maine. This house is intended to have the highest energy performance at an affordable cost. To certify the high level of design and performance of the prototype, they are also in the process of pursuing a Passive House certificate and a LEED certification. GO Logic is also designing the homes for the Belfast Ecovillage Cohousing.

I have been working as an intern during the construction process of the prototype to carefully document every step of the process. My duties and responsibilities include: on site documentation of construction process including, photos, videos, and notes, writing weekly blogs about the construction process including explanation of materials and methods, documenting for the certification process of LEED and Passive House, involvement in design and construction problem solving discussions, and product research. If you would like to know more please visit their website at


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About Kayla

I am a third year student at Unity College studying Sustainable Design and Technology. I spend my work study hours in the office of sustainability contributing to sustainable efforts here on campus.