Student Sustainability Projects

The end of the semester brings a great number of student presentations.  Projects from every corner of an environmental liberal arts school can have some bearing on campus sustainability, and I’ve enjoyed checking in with students working on sustainability-related issues.

Three student groups from an education class presented lasted week on their “ideal learning environment.”  Interestingly, all three included an environmental focus for their imaginary secondary schools with the aim of equipping graduates with the knowledge and know-how to be effective environmental citizens.  Students from Cindy Thomashow’s Interpretation class presented on topics ranging from theUnity House (stay tuned for the Unity House Calendar, and working PV model) and compost to campus beekeeping.

As part of his Environmental Communications class, Matt Bruno put together a series of compost videos, including this humorous take on compost etiquette:

Further celebration of student learning will take place at Student Conference at the Unity College Centre for the Performing Arts on Wednesday, Dec. 16th starting at 8am.


One thought on “Student Sustainability Projects

  1. Matt’s video is great, right? Only thing that might make it better would be a unicycle.

    117 presentations are scheduled for the 3rd Unity College Student Conference, including a video on a day in the life of a fisheries student and a presentations on community-based learning projects and internships.

    We’re looking forward to seeing Jesse and all our friends from the sustainability office.

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