Environmental Challenge

Students in the Environmental Challenge course — the fourth in our Environmental Stewardship Core Curriculum — participate each spring semester in the Lapping Lecture Series.  In 2010, the Series is exploring the theme, “How green is . . . ?” beginning with an examination of Unity College itself.  In the first lecture in the series I presented Unity’s Sustainability Profile.  Students then developed sustainability questions for tomorrow’s panel discussion featuring representatives from throughout the school.  On the 26th, Georges Dyer of Second Nature will present on the broader context of sustainability in higher education.

Of course, not all of those student questions can be answered in a one-hour Q&A session, so we’ll attempt to address them here on the Sustainability Monitor.  We’ve added an Environmental Challenge page to our site (see the green tab at the top of the page), where we’ll address all of these questions throughout the semester.  The questions on that page are recorded as they were submitted by students.  The page may not be of interest to all of our readers, but our upper-level students in the Environmental Challenge course should check in now and again for responses to their sustainability questions. 


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