Local (Sea)Food Update

Lorey Duprey, our Assistant Dining Services Manager, reminded me today that our local foods initiative at Unity College must be about increasing awareness and providing educational opportunities.  Our dining services staff does this through special events (like our Hunters and Huggers Dinner) and unique sessions like the one below.

Port Clyde Fresh Catch

In an email sent to campus this afternoon, Lorey invited us to lunch:

Tomorrow at Lunch we will be serving Fresh Shrimp from the Port Clyde Fresh Catch Co-op which features sustainably caught seafood. . . .  Jessica Libby will be joining us in the café with more information on the Co-op and the products they offer.  So come check it out!

As a side note: 37% of our food purchasing dollars this year (since July 1, 2009) has been spent on items from suppliers in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont.  Additionally, dining services has supported funding for garden staff positions and received more than $8,000 worth of campus-grown produce last season.


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