Sustainability in the Student Activities Office

Before winter break I interviewed Gary Zane, Director of Student affairs and Mike Davis, Director of Student Activities, both whom work in the Student Activities office. “We use a lot of recycled materials and we try to buy in bulk,” says Gary, who provides recycled planners, CUPPS (Can’t Use Paper Plastic Styrofoam) mugs, and backpack sacks to incoming students. This year, the CUPPS he had ordered in bulk ran out and he wanted to provide the students with another alternative. Stainless steel water bottles were not only provided to all incoming students, but all faculty and staff members as well. The bottles were funded by the President’s Office, Student Affairs, Human Resources, WE Lead, Student Activities, and Student Government. Mike Davis agreed about incorporating recycled materials, “look around, everything is used,” he said, referring to the furniture used in the office, the decorations he uses for student activities, and even the fax paper. Mike has incorporated sustainability into Student Activities by sponsoring events such as Recycle Derby, buying organic cotton tshirts sponsoring Earth Week at Unity each year, and sponsoring local bands to peform at the college. “It’s not just the responsibility of Student Activites,” Mike said when I asked him if he felt sustainability was a responsibility of his department, “it’s a responsibility of everyone on campus.”


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About Kayla

I am a third year student at Unity College studying Sustainable Design and Technology. I spend my work study hours in the office of sustainability contributing to sustainable efforts here on campus.