Compost Update

Campus Food WasteUnity College students pride themselves on successfully composting the greater part of their dining hall’s organic waste. The college has two separate dining facilities; each is equipped with separate compost containers for kitchen and dining hall waste.  Since October, the UC Sustainability Office’s Compost Crew has saved over 4,628lbs of organic waste from the waste stream, about 14.15lbs per person on the meal plan. The college kept 800lbs of CO2e from the atmosphere. In the fall, the office in conjunction with the Constructive Activists club held the first ever Compost Palooza; a hands on outreach and education initiative for incoming students to learn about composting on campus.  We saw a substantial increase in cooperation after the event.


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About codyfl0yd

I'm a college student at Unity College in Maine, 21y/o, I'm perusing a bachelors in science; Sustainability Design & Technology. Currently I've been researching community wind projects, working with anemometers, and testing my head in environmental policy. I love live music, rockclimbing, bicycle riding, drawing, traveling, reading, and fishing from my kayak (RIP).