G·O Logic Prototype House

G·O LogicOn Wednesday, a Unity College team toured G·O Logic’s prototype house in Belfast.   Folks at the college have been deeply engaged in design discussions for new campus construction as part of our Master Planning process for years.  We recognize the need for new academic and residential facilities, and we’re thinking seriously about how to meet shorter-term needs with an eye on the future.

Of course, any construction we pursue will have to meet the highest standards for energy efficiency and provide opportunities for campus engagement in green building education.  These principles seem to be shared by Matthew O’Malia and Alan Gibson who stalled their construction schedule to show us around the house for a while.  They’ve been documenting their construction and building performance on their company blog, where you can get the scoop on high-performance buildings in our cold climate.

This house is the result of extensive design and engineering work to create a home that has the highest energy performance at an affordable cost.

Members of the Unity College tour group included Mitch Thomashow (President), Eileen Driscoll (Vice President of Finance & Administration), Doug Fox (Director of the Center for Sustainability & Global Change), and Jesse Pyles (Sustainability Coordinator).

You can read about Kayla Bubar’s internship with G·O Logic here.


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