ME Students Gather for Sustainability Training

Over the weekend, Unity College hosted the first statewide Sustainability Training Institute.  The Institute was conceived by folks from several Maine colleges in partnership with Maine Campus Compact — a consortium that enhances the capacity for civic engagement at member institutions throughout the state.  Despite rough weather (and driving conditions) the Institute kicked off Saturday morning with more than thirty students from a dozen campuses — and some pretty inventive icebreakers (see the “chocolate powered lights” and “peak oil” mixer in the photos below).

The Institute was designed to equip students to take a seat at the table wherever communities gather to plan for sustainability action.  To that end, the focus Saturday was on two tracks: community weatherization and greenhouse gas accounting.  Sunday’s sessions focused on community planning and an introduction to renewable energy applications.  For Unity’s part, Doug Fox, Director of the Center for Sustainability & Global Change, and Jen Olin, Community-Based Learning Coordinator did the lion’s share of the work with help from Unity students in attendance: Tim Godaire, Olivia Hanson, Jaime Nemecek, and Shayne VanLeer.


One thought on “ME Students Gather for Sustainability Training

  1. This is really awesome. So many college students are becoming interested in sustainability. It’s great that they are getting the training for this industry; these jobs are on the rise, and the economy is definitely difficult for college graduates right now. They will be better equipped to find a full-time job if they have this kind of training.

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