Reaching Out

A couple of different events of the last weeks have me thinking about communication and outreach for sustainability initiatives at Unity.

1.  I met alum Zach Schmesser at the UBR fundraiser concert (the Toughcats were great!).  Zach’s the Coordinator of Outdoor Recreation at the University of New England, and must be the Sustainability Monitor’s most avid reader (sorry for the dry spell, Zach).  Not only was I struck by the fact that we have a regular follower, but also that an alum gets the sustainability scoop on Unity through our blog.

2.  Annie and I recently  visited an Environmental Sustainability class — the third requirement in our Environmental Stewardship Core Curriculum.  I asked the roughly 30 upper-level students in the class how many of them knew that Unity College is signatory to the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC).  . . . cricket . . . cricket.   I think three people raised their hands.  Since I got to Unity last summer I’ve been telling EVERYBODY I CAN about the ACUPCC and our Climate Action Planning process and almost no one in the room had heard about it.

Taken together, these encounters showed me how little I know about how folks get the message, especially our students.  So I’m asking for a little help.  Tell me how you want it.  Does the blog work?  Is it relentless emails?  How ’bout tabling in the Student Center?  Do you all read UC Voices?  Mandatory res. hall meetings?  Flyers?  Facebook groups?  Guerilla theater?  My guess is that we need to be doing all of these things to some degree in order to engage folks in the conversation, but I’m open to suggestion.

Leave comments to this post.  Email me.  Call me at ext. 295.  Slip a note under my door in Constable. Stop me in the dining hall.  I’m all ears.


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