Litter Cleanup

Spring has (seemingly) arrived in Maine! The campus is free of snow, the ground is soggy and muddy, and there’s a lovely forecast of rain on the way for the rest of the week (Hey man – April showers bring May flowers!). These past few warm & sunny days have rejuvenated the campus and really put people into the “spring cleaning” mode. One of our own, Chelsea Vosburgh, took it upon herself to pick up any stray pieces of trash she found that had found itself buried under snow during the winter. She really wanted to bring attention to the potential damage litter can cause, and the fact that so much litter is, indeed, recyclable material (cans, bottles, paper, ect).

Just outside one of our residence halls, Wood Hall, Chelsea created a display of sorts, urging a simple yet strong message “Don’t Litter”! It was made up of material Chelsea had found during her cleanup.

The fact that Chelsea did this during her own, personal time, proves that many of the students at Unity are really motivated individuals and want to do their best to help the environment.

The display stayed out long enough for students to see it and understand its message. Then, before it became litter itself, it was picked up and disposed of properly.

So, keep Chelsea’s message in mind next time you have a bit of trash you want to get rid off. That plastic bag you leave in the parking lot or the cigarette butt you flick onto the pavement doesn’t seem like much, but it adds to the already huge buildup of trash plaguing our planet.


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