CGI 2010 Miami Day 1

Hi Folks!

I’m posting from Miami! To make you all of you in Maine jealous- it’s still warm outside, even though it’s almost 9PM. When we landed, we were greeted by sun, warmth, and palm trees.

To learn about the Clinton Global Initiative, and the University check out their website.

It was a long day of traveling- 7AM flight from Portland, meant waking up at 3AM. However, the opening plenary session was definitely worth the trip. The session opened with a speech by  former President Bill Clinton. He challenged the audience, full of eager college and graduate students, to make a difference in whatever path they chose to take.

Clinton then led a panel discussion with 4 very interesting people:

  • Sam Adelsberg, Founder of discussed how he begin his initiative of fair lending policies in the Westbank area.
  • Robyn Allen, student from MIT discussed her initiative called the Vehicle Design Summit. She is working with other students all around the world to develop fuel efficient vehicles.
  • Regina Benjamin, U.S. Surgeon General discussed her plans to help increase the number of primary medical professionals in the country.
  • Pharell Williams also made a surprise appearance, in place of Usher Raymond. He spoke about his initiative called Kidults, which works to help children in difficult situations grow up to be responsible adults.

This plenary session was very inspiring. Students our age are accomplishing real goals because they have the determination and diligence. A great reminder of just how much college students are capable of doing. Imagine what we could get done at Unity!


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