CGIU Miami 2010 Day 2

Another great day in Miami!

I heard it snowed in Maine today, which made me appreciate the Miami weather even more.

We started off the day by breaking off into work sessions. All 3 Unity students (myself, Amy Kennedy, and Heidi Kowalski), along with President Mitch Thomashow, attended the Energy and Climate Change work session. The session was specifically discussing sustainable transportation solutions.

After lunch, there was a plenary session about global water issues. The panel had very interesting participants, including Maude Barlow, who is very well-known among the water warriors.

After this, we attended another work session. Amy and myself attended the Education section, focusing on education of students in disadvantaged situations. Heidi attended the second Energy and Climate Change session.

Afterward, there was a very interesting panel discussion led by former President Bill Clinton, about the tragedy in Haiti. In my opinion, this was the most moving and inspiring panel discussion.

Tomorrow is the service project day! The three of us, and Mitch, will work together as a Unity team, to help make a difference!


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