Unity College Earth Day 2010

On April 17th Unity College had its annual Earth Day celebration. That Saturday was chock full of activities to create a solid sense of community that not only entertained the student body, but also informed students of several Earth-friendly habits and techniques. It was kicked off with a wonderful Pancake breakfast sponsored by the Sugar Makers club and eventually ended with the Trashin’ Fashion show, a runway-esqe event where students showcased the clothes they created from various pieces of trash.

Throughout the day, tables and booths were set up outside in the Activities’ parking lot despite the freakish weather patterns that occurred that day (SNOW in April!?), as well as in the Student Activities Center. Outside there was a crowded tie-dying table (sponsored by WE Lead) as well as a craft table where one could create various pieces of jewelry (sponsored by Constructive Activists). Mike Davis, essentially the college’s Superman, was grilling cheeseburgers, hotdogs, and veggie burgers for our non-meat eating brethren. Then, what had to be the most amusing event of the day, the Recycle Derby, took place. It was truly a sight to behold.

Inside a yard sale was taking place, an ample opportunity for students to rid themselves of items they collected as end-of-the-semester packing begins. The Wildcards, a band made up of Unity students were playing and there were a couple of informational tables set up. Will Elting, a senior, created a handmade solar water heater. If it wasn’t for the inclement weather, he would have shown it in action. But it’s amazing to know that a solar panel could be created fairly cheap!

Sarah Austin, a sophomore, was also present, heading a table for Nancy Ross’ Advocacy class. Not only were they giving away amazingly good homemade popcorn for free, they were educating people about the chemicals (most of which are toxic) that are used to package and process food. In this case they focused on popcorn, a popular food choice among college students.

Earth Day 2010 was a raving success and many showed up, despite the not-so-cheery weather. Hopefully some students were inspired enough to start thinking how they can participate in next year’s event, or even use the information they collected to benefit the Earth. We shall see.


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