Online Course Evals to Reduce Paper Use

Each emester, our students fill out course evaluations for every course section in which they’re enrolled.  These evaluations are tremendously useful for instructors and for purposes of academic planning.  Until now they’ve also been pretty paper intensive, using roughly 8,000 sheets of paper a year — original eval. forms, summary sheets to each faculty, and photocopies of student comments to their instructors.

Students this semester will begin using an online evaluation system to assess courses.  A lifecycle analysis of our campus paper using the Environmental Defense Fund’s online Paper Calculator reveals the following reductions from going paperless:

  • Staples Recycled Paper137 pounds of CO2 equivalent,
  • 415 gallons of waste water,
  • 48 pounds of solid waste.

In addition to saving paper, online course evaluations are expected to be more comprehensive, more accurate, and more expedient.  They’ll also be less time intensive for staff processing, and will take place out of the classroom, giving faculty more instructional time at the end of the semester.

Unity College purchases only FSC certified, 100% post-consumer content, recycled paper for all of its copiers and printers.


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