Take Back the Tap at NSO

“Got Green?” was this year’s New Student Orientation theme, and NSO planners made a real effort to promote our sustainability message at every turn.  Campus Ambassadors  made tons of sustainability-themed signs on reused paper and posted them around campus.  Student Life folks distributed reuseable totes to incoming students.  Jamie and friends made sure that compost and recycling was collected at all outdoor events.  And RAs, Campus Ambassadors, employees and returning students were all called upon to be sustainability champions as our new students and their families arrived on campus.  We’re not just puttin’ on a show.  We want folks to know that we take sustainability seriously, and that we’re constantly working to improve sustainability efforts in operations, academics, and administration.  

Food and Water Watch's Nisha Swinton (L) with Campus Ambassadors Rosie and Casy

Again this year, every incoming student was provided a stainless steel water bottle for personal use.  Nisha Swinton of Food and Water Watch‘s Portland office joined us to talk with folks about FWW’s Take Back the Tap campaign.  As a campus, we’re urging folks to think about the environmental and social impacts of purchasing and consuming bottled water.  FWW reminds us that tap water is safer and cheaper than bottled water.  At Unity, we’ve outfitted all of our students and employees with water bottles, and retrofitted water fountains with filler necks so bottles are easier to fill. 

Check out this great video from the Story of Stuff folks on the impacts of bottled water: 


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