Recycled Gratitude

So many folks are closely involved in making recycling work on campus. I’ll introduce campus recycling more fully soon, but first I want to say thank you to Jeremy Braley, our Recycling & Waste Technician. Jeremy has hit the ground running this semester in a new job and he’s doing great work already. Huge “thank you”s are due to the custodial services crew for all of their help filling in on recycling detail over the summer while we were in the search process that landed Jeremy in the post. Tony, Teresa, Gret, Jan, Debbie, Tim, Bob, Charlie, and the summer staffers did us all an incredible service by keeping things under control.
And thanks to our senior recycling crew members Rory Dwyer and Sarah Ingalls for getting a quick start this week. Sarah made sure folks on campus had access to good school supplies — binders, paper, folders — that were salvaged from the recycling stream.
A successful recycling program is fundamental to our sustainability effort. Let these folks know how much you appreciate their hard work when you see them.


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