Compost Crew

Every weekday, Calvin Tague (pictured right) and Ryan Green collect compostable food waste from the kitchen and dining hall.  Our recycling guru Jeremy collects from the Student Center.  Food waste is held in a small shed at the corner of the Coops parking lot and these gentlemen deliver twice a week to nearby MOFGA for processing.  There are a number of reasons that we don’t currently process our compost on campus (vermin, gaps in student staffing, and equipment among them), but we’re also pretty pleased with our MOFGA partnership.

Calvin is the eyes and ears of the program.  He’s on every morning and some afternoons to make sure the kitchen staff has what they need to do a good composting job, and to clear out whatever needs collected.  In addition to regular collection and delivery rounds, Ryan is becoming the “mouth” of the program.  He’s tracking food waste weights, developing outreach and training materials, and generally responsible for keeping the campus community posted on the program.

Composting is a perfect example of what it takes to run a successful sustainability program.  It requires regular, dedicated effort, cooperation and buy-in from a lot of folks, and data tracking and outreach.  Calvin, Ryan, and Jeremy have one of the messiest jobs on campus.  Be sure to thank them for all their hard work.

**Oh yeah!  And we’re now accepting those brown paper napkins in our compost stream.  So you don’t have to throw those out anymore.  Meat and plastics (even those biodegradable cornstarch plastics) cannot be processed with our food waste.  Keep up the good work!


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