Veggies For All winter squash harvest reaches pantry

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Veggies For All’s 2010 winter squash harvest reached the Volunteer Regional Food Pantry yesterday.  We’re stoked to report 2,500 pounds of squash will now reach food insecure folks throughout the Fall via the VRFP’s monthly distribution!  That means that our squash will be enjoyed in about 350 local households.

How is Unity College playing a part in this bounty?

Now that Veggies For All locates it home base on Unity College campus, we’re all sharing infrastructure.  Half of our veggie fields are right on campus!  The College is providing administrative and partnership support, too.

Best part of it is we can better interact with students and faculty.  For instance, this very squash was harvested by Jim Merkel’s Environmental Citizen: Plan, Design, and Build a Root Cellar class.  We cured the  squash in the barn on campus that was built by students in a Mick Womersley Environmental Citizen class.

That kind of collaboration and community-effort is as sweet as a roasted Delicata!


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