The regular Sustainability Monitor reader (thank you Mr. Stephenson, thank you Cyndy) will recall a brief introduction to AASHE’s STARS program earlier in the year.  Click over there to find out more about it.  Suffice it to say that we’ve got to engage in A LOT of information gathering in order to report to STARS, and by doing so, we hope to reach an authentic assessment of our sustainability efforts at Unity College.  We’re also really excited about the educational opportunities that STARS presents, including a spring semester topics course (see course listings here) and a couple of work-study positions.

Kelsey Cormier

Catherine Van Amburgh

Kelsey Cormier and Catherine Van Amburgh (both, incidentally, from Fitchburg, MA) comprise the STARS work-study team, with support from our work-study office manager Bekah Selmanie.  Their job for the rest of the semester: get to know STARS inside and out and start documenting our efforts according to the STARS Credits Checklist (pdf).  So Kelsey and Catherine will be asking many of you sustainability-related questions for the next few months, and a crew of students in the class will join the good work in the spring.  Whatever you can do to make their jobs easier is certainly appreciated.  If you have any questions about STARS, please don’t hesitate to contact Kelsey, Catherine, or Jesse in the Sustainability Office.


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