Climate Leadership Summit Summary

Last month, Mitch and I went out to Denver for a couple of conferences: first, the massive AASHE 2010 Conference, and then the ACUPCC Climate Leadership Summit.  The latter was a smaller gathering of just a couple hundred people, mostly high-ranking administrators — presidents, CFOs, etc.– from a wide array of colleges and universities.  The Second Nature team hosted a great ACUPCC event again, and I especially appreciated their pre-conference Climate Action Planning workshop.

As a sustainability coordinator at a small, rural school, it’s always good for me to see others working on climate action planning and sustainability education; and it’s nice to be reminded that this work is happening all over the country (and beyond).  Our efforts at Unity are certainly important to the education of our students, but we’re also part of a larger response to a shared global environmental challenge.  I was particularly honored to receive Second Nature’s first ever Climate Leadership Award — a real testament to Unity’s sustainability commitment, and our approach to climate education and planning.

Of course, we can’t take all of you with us, but those of you who are interested can now find a great portion of the summit on the ACUPCC website here.  The site includes a brief summary of the proceedings, videos of the presentations, keynote address, and awards ceremony, and a collection of press links.  You can also read a summit roundup with lots of good links over at the Second Nature blog, Advancing Education for Sustainability.


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