Energy Efficiency Plan

Anne Stephenson

Click to read Annie's presentation (.pdf)

Campus Sustainability Fellow Anne Stephenson presented her Energy Efficiency Plan to Unity College employees at our pre-semester community update meeting today (Jan. 5).  If you couldn’t make it or want to review her presentation, click on Annie’s image for the PDF version of her slide show.

Annie’s undertaken a comprehensive assessment of energy use in campus buildings, working closely with staff, faculty, and students on a part-time, contract basis for nearly a year.  Her goal: identify potential energy, cost, and emissions savings from various energy conservation measures.  Her findings: there is no silver bullet, but we’ve got a lot of small-scale, actionable (and even student appropriate) projects that could net a nearly 25% energy cost savings, create student learning opportunities, and contribute to our emissions reduction goals.  Her next steps: “bundle” these projects by type and building, investigate possible funding sources to implement energy conservation measures, and work with campus decision makers and building occupants to integrate her recommendations into campus operations.

As Annie often points out, Unity College has a unique opportunity to model this kind of energy work to other sectors precisely because our diverse building stock reflects residential, municipal, and other buildings you might find in any Maine community.  A portion of her presentation focused on how we as employees might take some of her campus recommendations and apply them at home.

Read more here about the Campus Sustainability Fellowship.


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