Campaign Class and Campus Communication

I visited an Advocacy class yesterday to sit in on their SWOT Analysis of Unity College transportation issues.  These students are studying campaigns by launching one on campus (among other things), and have decided to focus on behavior change around transportation initiatives.  I reminded the crew that in the last few years, faculty, staff, and student commuting, taken together with our campus vehicle fleet, have accounted for 20 – 30% of our greenhouse gas emissions profile.  Any effort they make to get folks out of single-occupant vehicles and on to alternatives will help us toward our carbon reduction goals (admittedly their challenges at our rural campus are many).

The course text, McKenzie-Mohr’s Fostering Sustainable Behavior, is a go-to guide for a lot of campus sustainability coordinators.

During the class, conversation turned to carpooling and ride-sharing, and one student reminded the group that there’s an online ride board on UCommunicate as well as a physical dry-erase board for ride-sharing at the Student Center, both of which are underutilized.  So, why is it that folks don’t know about these resources when so many have expressed an interest?  This seems to hold true of a number of campus initiatives — and often regarding sustainability. I want to do better, but I need your assistance.  Which brings me to my perennial plea:

So I’m asking for a little help.  Tell me how you want it.  Does the blog work?  Is it relentless emails?  How ’bout tabling in the Student Center?  Do you all read UC Voices?  Mandatory res. hall meetings?  Flyers?  Facebook groups?  Guerilla theater?  My guess is that we need to be doing all of these things to some degree in order to engage folks in the conversation, but I’m open to suggestion.

Leave comments to this post.  Email me.  Call me at ext. 295.  Slip a note under my door in Constable. Stop me in the dining hall.  I’m all ears.


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