Seriously Great Sprucin’ at the VRFP

Last semester, a section of The Environmental Citizen class undertook a project to assist the Volunteer Regional Food Pantry complete a long-standing need.  They worked closely with VRFP volunteers and board members to create a visual history of the organization for display inside their multi-purpose room.  This History Wall helps to celebrate the work of volunteers and to explain the mission and work of the VRFP to visitors.

The visual history project, which also included extensive painting, culminated in an open house, reception, and tour of the pantry attended by over 60 people.  The class received a small grant from the Unity Foundation to purchase materials to create the installation.  The food pantry community was thrilled with the results!

If that’s not enough, the students won the Unity Award at the College’s Student Conference.  The winner of this award, selected by President Thomashow, also receives a $250 cash prize, which the students immediately donated to the Volunteer Regional Food Pantry!

Great work Kara Chester, Cynthia Cordova, Tom Coyle, Meg Mallory, Ed Mortimer, and Meg Joy.

(Photos are courtesy of Meg Mallory.)

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