New Residence Hall? Huh?

Tuesday February 8th, 6 o’clock at the UCCPA, Matt and Alan from G.O Logic came to Unity to talk with all Environmental Challenge students as part of the Lapping Lecture Series about the new Passive House residence hall they’re teaming up with Ann Kearsley to design and build for Unity College- due up in Fall 2011. If you missed the lecture, or are just curious to hear it, you can find it here, along with detailed floor plans and site design.

The new residence hall will house ten lucky students, including one resident advisor. Just like its neighboring cottages, the new Passive House will include it’s own kitchen, so students will be able to opt out of the meal plan if they so chose.

Students living in this house will also be able to brag to all their friends about living in the nation’s first certified Passive House residence hall! A list of all other certified Passive Houses in the US can be found here.

I’ve been the student representative on the Passive House Committee since last semester; the committee includes Doug Fox, Jesse Pyles, Stephen Nason, Eileen Driscoll, Gary Zane, and Roger Duval. The meetings so far have revolved heavily around the pre-construction plans, all the utilities needing to be re-routed, and what color we want the window trim to be. I only really understand that last one.

Construction on the new Passive House is slated to begin as soon, and I mean as soon, as Unity College has been cleared out after graduation. We’ve got quite a bit of work to get done before students will return to campus in August 2011.

Despite the sometimes confusing meetings and never ending construction jargon, being a part of this project is exciting and we all here at America’s Environmental College have a great chance to benefit from having this piece of environmental history on our campus.


One thought on “New Residence Hall? Huh?

  1. I would be very interested in knowing more about how the framing and insulation is going to be done on this project. Is there any more information that could be available to me?

    Thank you,
    Jeremy Lavertu
    Going Green Building and Consulting

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