Wanna do something sexy AND sustainable tonight?


Turn off your computer.

We at the Sustainability Office have a request of you later this evening: turn off your computer. Turning off your computer and monitor or laptop saves more energy than just letting it “sleep”. This post’s purpose is to debunk some of the most prevalent myths concerning energy use in personal computers, and convince you to TURN IT OFF.

Myth: Turning your computer/laptop off uses more energy than leaving it on.

Fact: The tiny surge of power consumed when turning on a computer is much smaller than the amount that would be used keeping the computer on for lengthy amounts of time, such as all night when you’re not using it.

Myth: Turning your computer/laptop on and off wears it out.

Fact: Computers manufactured within the last decade are built to withstand being turned on and off more than 40,000 times before any failure.

So please, think of your energy usage and turn OFF your computer tonight when you won’t be using it all night. Because after all, what’s sexier than saving energy? Nothing I can think of!


One thought on “Wanna do something sexy AND sustainable tonight?

  1. It is funny how IT related professions are sometimes tagged as green; in addition to the myth you mentioned above some believe that because they do not work with heavy duty machinery they have no direct effect on the environment, but our PCs, Laptops, books…and so on contribute drastically to indirect emissions generated by power plants, especially when we don’t shut down over a period of time. At Ecodesk we make it a must to recommend our app “Desk Worker 3.0 (Alpha)” http://www.ecodesk.com/app-store/training-apps/desk-worker-alpha it is a great start off to any company’s sustainability training. There are 10 lessons in there, I advice that you have a look and see what other myths we have been debunking to our clients, it would also be a great material for future posts.

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