The TerraHaus Experience

This spring semester I have had the privilege to be in the Environmental Citizen class that focused on the new Student Passive House, now known as TerraHaus. The class has been focusing on learning the different techniques of building a passive house. This includes: ventilation systems, specifically made walls, windows made to cater to areas on the house in regards to where the sun is, air sealing, etc. Groups were made to work on a certain aspect of the house; my subject was air sealing. I never knew that simple changes to a house, such as blocking air leakage can lower utility costs significantly. Read how a house in Massachusetts is saving $1000 per year from an energy audit, caulk, and insulation. Our class will be presenting this Wednesday April 13th at the Unity College Centre for the Performing Arts (UCCPA) from 7pm-8pm. GO Logic’s Matthew O’Malia, and Alan Gibson, and the landscape architect Ann Kearsley will unveil their design! Come join us to not only find out details about TerraHaus but also how to make your own house more energy-efficient, comfortable, and how to lower your utility costs! Also, you will have a chance to win an energy audit! The Unity Energy Committee will raffle off one energy audit (worth up to $500). Unity residents that attend the lecture can enter their name into the raffle. The winner will be drawn at the end of the lecture.


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