TerraHaus Lecture

Wednesday night was the TerraHaus presentation by the Environmental Citizen: Passive House class with guest speakers, the designers themselves, Matthew O’Malia, Alan Gibson, and Ann Kearsley. There was a good turn out of people who attended consisting of students, faculty/staff, and members of the Unity community and surrounding towns. The posters created by Doug Fox’s Environmental Citizen class lit up the entrance room at the Unity College Center for the Performing Arts (UCCPA) with information and materials about every aspect of building a Passive House or fixing up an existing home.  

 Edwards Family Shop and Save was so kind in donating a deli and cheese platter and vegetable platter for this presentation. This was a very exciting event since this is the first Passive House certified college student residence in America! Everyone’s grueling questions were finally answered by the designers themselves and after all the excitement of the night everyone conjugated out at 9pm. If you missed Wednesday night and would like to learn more about the  TerraHaus or how to make your own house more sustainable come to the Unity College Student Conference on Monday, May 2nd where the posters by the Environmental Citizen: Passive House class will be displayed. This conference will run from the morning til mid-afternoon; more details will be announced soon.


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