Live from Power Shift

Today was chockfull of sessions — morning breakout by region, then a slate of panels, workshops, trainings, and presentations on titles as varied as “Going Green Living Bling: Redefining the Image of Wealth in Hip-Hop Culture” to “What to do When the President’s Just Not That Into You.” Dan S. and I popped in on a session on regulating greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act with leading thinkers from the World Resources Institute and the Department of Justice. I ran into Isac and Dan O. on their way to a session on restoring the Gulf post-oil spill.  And Amanda said of her workshops, that the presenters emphasized “ways to go back to campus and engage other people.” Our students are fanning out across the conference, and with all of our different interests, we’re getting a good chance to take it all in.

This evening we got to hear from EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, “Bidder 70” himself Tim DeChristopher, and Unity College honorary degree recipient Bill McKibben. (Look for the videos online for a little celebration and challenge to the youth climate movement.) Tomorrow we do a little lobbying training in advance of our trip to the Hill on Monday.  Stay tuned.


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