Long Ride Home

I’m writing from the bus on our trip back.  We’ve just left DC and have a long drive ahead of us.  Half of us are tired enough to sleep, the rest are fired up enough to talk advocacy, education, and “next steps.” We left Zwick and Amy’s places this morning and boarded the Metro with our sleeping bags and protest signs. The culmination of Power Shift today was a rally at the White House this morning and then a march to the Hill before scheduled meetings with our reps. The message from the Power Shift crowd is pretty straight forward: we need a fundamental change in a political system that allows the kind of environmental damages we’re seeing.

Most of our crew met with Senator Snowe’s legislative aide about upholding the Clean Air Act while Dan S. peeled off for a meeting with his Mass. Rep., and Dave went to a Rhode Island session. I didn’t get any good photos of the rally or the meetings on the Hill, but here’s our crew just before they headed off to the events of the day.  We’ll wrap up the Power Shift series once we catch a little sleep.  For now, you can review some of the videos, photos, and posts about the trip.


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