We’ve discovered the key to sustainablity!

It’s you, student at Unity College! Yes, you!

Last fall Unity College received special recognition by the Maine Chapter of the US Green Building Council for student involvement. It is only fitting that Unity sent three outstanding students, Amanda Nelson, Kayla Bubar and Amy Kennedy (pictured left), to receive this award and that it now lives in the Sustainability Office covered in the signatures of other Unity students.

One of the biggest selling points for Unity College when I was looking at different colleges was this institution’s willingness to welcome and support student designed and led initiatives around campus. I am thankful that this aspect of UC was conveyed to me during my tour, because now that I am enrolled  and not leaving, it’s the most important part of my time here.

We’re not the only people noticing this; From the Princeton Review’s 2011 Green Guide to 311 Schools

“By focusing on “low-hanging fruit” first, the college has been able to build on small successes to achieve a big impact. The secret to their success? Students. Students at Unity are an integral part of all of the college’s sustainability initiatives, from serving on the Master Planning and Leadership Committee to volunteering on projects headed by the sustainability coordinator.”

So come on Unity Community, step up! Got a great idea about how to improve sustainability efforts on campus? How about a project in town you want to do with the Community Based Learning Center? Because Unity is so small (I know you’ve all recognized that by now), the incredible faculty and staff are so willing to help with student initiatives. One voice means so much in a place like Unity College, and two voices? Well, that’s a team.


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