All(ium) hands on deck!

Get it, onions are in the allium family…

Yesterday, Veggies For All planted our first big round of onions.  We got some sweet, strong seedlings from the good people at the Village Farm and planted them with the help of super volunteers.  Volunteers included UC students, two local alums (not to be confused with allium), our Unity Barn Raisers ED, and one robust baby.  Thanks to all!

Onions are one of those crops that really demand our attention and consistency as growers.   While last year was wildly successful for VFA (and all farmers and gardeners), we noted that our onion crop had room for improvement.

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Tiny seeds get started indoors back in March, they are carefully tended for months in the greenhouse.  Our field is tilled, beds built, soil amended, seedlings transplanted.  Then we feed, weed, and water for quite a while in the field.  It’s not over at harvest- we’ll pick, clean, cure, and trim the onions, which will need to be monitored closely in storage.  Our onions are then incrementally released from storage and distributed through the VRFP to our neighbors who have reduced access to food like local onions.

The challenge of growing good onions is a lot like the challenge of growing a healthy community.  It’s takes time, a lot of hands, and a good dose of letting the sun and rain do their good work.


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