Commencement Celebrates Grads. and Local Food

There’s so much to celebrate about Commencement on our small campus.  Of course, we’re all thrilled for our graduates — folks who have dedicated their studies to understanding the natural resource implications of their professional and personal lives.  We in the Sustainability Office are especially excited that this year’s Commencement activities and speakers emphasized the importance of local food and food systems.  Speaker and honorary degree recipient Gary Paul Nabhan reminded the crowd that conservation law enforcement officers,  wildlife biologists, environmental analysts, and sustainable ag. folks alike all do important work to safeguard our food traditions — traditions inextricably tied to the land resources that our graduates are uniquely equipped to steward.  In addition to Nabhan’s good work, Unity recognized the achievements of Samuel Kaymen (of Stonyfield Farm, Sustainable Harvest International, and other fame), MOO MilkSlow Money Maine, and Veggies for All.

Sara Trunzo and Tim Libby receive VFA's citation.

VFA Project Manager and founder Tim Libby was on hand to receive the recognition from President Mitchell Thomashow.  Tim’s vision for and commitment to food security through sustainable agriculture has had a tremendous impact on this community and he and VFA are most deserving of the recognition.  Unity College’s own Farm and Food Projects Coordinator Sara Trunzo has dedicated much of her recent years at Unity in support of Tim’s great vision.  Sara’s effort has integrated Veggies for All — a project of the Unity Barn Raisers — into our campus operation and strengthened the project’s ties to area agencies and community members.  Kudos to Tim, Sara, and all the folks who support VFA.  And of course to our graduates.  Here’s to another great growing season!


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