Goodbye Semester, Hello Summer

Site of the new TerraHaus

“Goodbyes” can be hard, for sure.  We said “goodbye” to our graduating seniors last week.  We said “goodbye for now” to so many of our other students the week before that.  And we’ll say “goodbye and thanks a ton” to some of our campus administrators in the coming months.  But “goodbye” makes room for “hello!” and we’ve got a lot to do this summer. So . . .

  • goodbye Mitch (we’ll really miss you), hello President Mulkey,
  • goodbye cottages, hello TerraHaus (follow UnitySustain for daily site photos),
  • goodbye class of ’11, hello class of ’15,
  • goodbye Igor (the 1968-model library boiler), hello OkoFen (our new pellet system),
  • goodbye borrowed equipment, hello John Deere, and
  • goodbye STARS stars, hello STARS (I’ve got to finish this thing up on my own now, yikes!).

Posts on the Sustainability Monitor will likely slow down over the summer as we’ll have fewer contributors, and will be spending a little less time at our desks.  But our summer schedule can also create time for reflection and planning, so this space may become a bit more editorial and a bit less chronicle. We’ll continue to update you on campus progress and projects, but you should also check in at a couple of other sites.  Follow Veggies For All at their Scuffle Hoe Diary.  Follow TerraHaus progress at Doug’s TerraHaus blog.  And keep up with all the Unity College news at


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