So Long for Now

The Unity College campus community bids Sustainability Fellow Anne Stephenson a fond farewell.  Annie has done a ton of legwork for Unity on all things energy (and much more).  She quickly became an insider, learning more about campus infrastructure and processes than most of us will ever have to know; yet she was able to identify and partially address energy challenges that required the fresh eye and focus that only an outside perspective could bring.  Annie was a tremendous addition to the sustainability team here, and her great work will influence campus-wide planning for years to come.

If you haven’t yet, hop over to the Energy Plan page to read up on some of Annie’s good work. In an email farewell,  Dr. Stephenson summed it up as graciously as ever:

My fellowship at the college is now over and I wanted to thank you all for making it such a fantastic experience.  As I’m sure you hear over and over again, Unity is a unique community and I was struck over and over again by your warmth, humor, and willingness to talk about even the most obscure energy challenges!  Thank you for making me feel so welcome.

The energy conservation work continues in the sustainability and facilities offices, and I hope to be involved in future projects on campus.  Jesse has a number of resources in his office on energy tracking, energy saving, indoor air quality, weatherization safety, and more, so if you’re feeling curious, have interested students, or just want to have a chat — please check out Jesse’s resource binders or drop me a line.

A million “Big Thank yoU”s, Annie (that’s a thousand MBTUs).  Don’t be a stranger.


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