I do love a reunion.  Former Sustainability Monitor contributor, office champ, Sust.Tech. pioneer, and now Unity alum Kayla Bubar and I attended a LEED Green Associate workshop at USM Thursday.  Kayla’s the Sustainability Coordinator for Aramark Dining Services at the University of Southern Maine.  She’s one of those competent generalists; she’s totally into buildings, an impassioned advocate, and apparently can grow some food — you can follow her sustainability exploits at the USM Dining Sustainability blog.

Today’s training was coordinated by the Green Campus Consortium of Maine and the good folks at Fore Solutions.  After this lesson on the core concepts of the US Green Building Council’s LEED Rating System (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) – and with a little additional study – we should be prepared to sit for the Green Associate exam.  “Green Associate” is the most basic level of certification for individuals under the LEED system and is the first step toward higher-level credentials in areas of greater specialization.  As Green Associates, Kayla and I will demonstrate our basic understanding of green building principles as well as the LEED system itself.  And hopefully we’ll be better equipped to advance green building initiatives on our campuses and beyond.

It’s so great to know you’re out there doin’ the good work, Kayla.  Good luck at USM and on your next schooling adventures in Sustainable Design.  I’ll see you at the next Consortium meeting!


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