Sustainable Living Tour 2011: Coming to you from Freedom

NOVA, our incoming student orientation program, kicked off a Sustainable Living Tour option last year.  In 2011, the tradition of using a NOVA trip to connect incoming students with our vibrant farm community continues.  This year, the Sustainable Living NOVA crew camped out at the Village Farm  in Freedom where they worked a little, camped out, swam in the pond, and reportedly ate “wicked good” food.  (They are practicing their Maine-talk.)

If that wasn’t enough to keep ’em busy- they also took tours of and did service at a variety of other farms including Hart-to-Hart organic dairy, Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm, and Veggies For All.

In coordinating and overseeing the service for VFA, I can say firsthand that this is one super group of students.  They were generous with their time, uncomplaining as we thinned carrots in the rain, and a source of entertaining conversation (including the merits of asiago cheese, how to identify common raptors from below, and friendly debate regarding medication allowances under the USDA organic standards for meat production)  …and these folks are about 5% of the incoming class.  If they are any indicator of the overall make-up of our newest students, the class of 2015 is going to do great things in their time at Unity.  We can’t wait to see them again in September!

On another NOVA/sustainability related note, Outdoor Adventure Center staff has figured out some great ways to incorporate sustainable foods into more NOVA trips.  Since some trips are able to take a cooler in the boat or keep provisions at a base-camp, we could purchase items, such as eggs and veggies, from local (really local, all < 7 miles from campus!) organic farms including: the Village Farm, Green Earth Gardens, South Paw Farm, and Morning’s Glory Farm.


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