Moving Planet comes to Unity!

Do you want to move beyond fossil fuel?
Do you want to join the international movement to respond to climate change?
Do you want to participate in a huge, moving, human-powered art-action during the Common Ground Country Fair?

Moving Planet
is a world-wide rally to demand solutions to the climate crisis.

Join MOFGA’s Common Ground County Fair, the Transition Town network, and Unity College in an action that will voice concerns about the future of our climate and our community.

YOU are invited to our first organizational meeting:  

Monday 9/12 3:00PM Unity College Koons Hall 121.
Come to learn more + become a participant or a coordinator.

What’s in store?  Imagine the powerful image of hundreds—maybe thousands—of Common Ground Country Fair attendees parading through the fair, forming the number 350, then raising local, organic summer squash and pumpkins (or their empty hands) to the sky in celebration of the climate change solutions offered by limited consumption and support of local agriculture and economy.

We hope you become part of the movement.



Get inspired



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