First-Year Students Complete Sustainability Series

For the third year in a row, first-year students in the Unity Experience (UE) class have completed a series of sustainability sessions developed by the sustainability office and UE instructors. This series in Unity Experience — the first required course in our Environmental Stewardship Core Curriculum — expands on some of the sustainability concepts introduced to new students during their pre-semester NOVA trip and the New Student Orientation program.

Each of the eight UE sections hosts an in-class “Sustainability 101” session with the sustainability coordinator, highlighting campus recycling practices, sustainability resources, and introducing concepts around our comprehensive STARS assessment and our Climate Action Plan. These 101 sessions are a great chance to meet nearly every incoming student; one of the great benefits of  working at a small school.

Following these in-class sessions, UE students this year attended a special sustainability series that further explored four content areas:

A student selects a STARS star for the Sustainability Series activity.

  • Building Energy (hosted by Professor Mick Womersley and Sustainability Fellow Anne Stephenson) — a full-spectrum tour of campus buildings including our high-performance TerraHaus and our less efficient Student Activities Building.
  • Recycling & Waste (hosted by Recycling Coordinator Martin Maines) — a waste audit and recycling relay all wrapped up into one.  See the video here.
  • Farm & Food (hosted by Assistant Dining Manager Lorey Duprey and Farm & Food Projects Coordinator Sara Trunzo) — an exploration of food miles and Maine food traditions at Unity’s campus gardens.
  • STARS (hosted by Sustainability Coordinator Jesse Pyles) — an interactive star-tossing game to explore Unity’s recent report and related campus sustainability efforts.  See the photos here.

The Sustainability Series was offered with a focus on how students can be involved in sustainability efforts throughout their time at Unity.



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